What Happens To Your Body After Eating Bananas With Black Spots-You Will Be Surprised

Ripe bananas contain TMF (Tumor Neurosis Factor), a substance that can fight abnormal (cancerous) cells.

Bananas are the most popular tropical fruit. They are delicious and nutritional, but you should know that there are some things you must be aware of when buying them.

Ripe bananas contain TMF (Tumor Neurosis Factor), a substance that can fight abnormal (cancerous) cells. When the banana ripens, dark patches appear on its skin. These are great for the immune system, and the quality of the banana rises with the appearance of the spots. According to a Japanese study, TMF has anti-cancer properties and can boost the immune system. Contrary to popular belief, ripe bananas are actually great for your health and even prevent cancer!

The nutrient contents of many fruits change as they ripen. In bananas, the level of antioxidants increases as the banana ripens and turns yellow. The starch transforms to simple sugars that are easier to digest in fully ripe bananas.

e Japanese study we mentioned found that bananas can increase the number of white blood cells in the body, boost the immune system and produce TNF. 1-2 bananas daily are recommended for improved immunity. Fully ripe bananas with brown spots on the skin are more beneficial than fresh bananas without spots.

TNF can fight the cancerous cells in the body. The banana acts similar to Lentinan, a chemical stimulant intravenously injected as an anti-cancer agent. So, fully ripe bananas are actually an anti-cancer agent that stimulates the production of white blood cells and inhibits cell mutation.

Note: once they are ripe, keep bananas in the fridge to preserve their vitamins. Fresh bananas without spots on the skin can be eaten straightaway.

Source: www.healthylifeidea.com

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