Injuries caused by using cellphone are quite rare but they do happen.

Injuries caused by using cellphone are quite rare but they do happen.

Gabbie Fedro is a 13 year old girl who suffered second – degree burns when the charger of her cellphone overheated. She had LG d500 which she had received as a gift for Christmas.
One night her father heard Gabbie screaming in her bedroom.  Her mother stated: “She came running downstairs after it happened grabbing her neck. She was in so much pain she was screaming hysterically.” Unfortunately there were other cases when the phone chargers have proven dangerous.
The most of the injuries were caused by the phone’s lithium-ion batteries overheating which ended with explosions or burns.
In June 2014, a USB phone charger caused the death of Sheryl Anne Aldeguer from Australia, mother of two children. She was killed after the faulty charger sent a high current through her body throughout the headphones while she was speaking on the phone.
Similarly, her phone had also been plugged into a wall socket. This incident was used to raise the awareness about cheap electronics and encouraged Fair Trading to warn the people about the sale of unapproved USB chargers in New South Wales.


In 2010, a toddler in Colorado put an Apple USB cable into her mouth and suffered third-degree burns. The incident happened because the cable was plugged into a laptop at the time.

In 2013 a woman was also electrocuted while she was using a faulty charger. This case was investigated by Apple after which the Chinese consumers were warned that they shouldn’t use third-party chargers.

However, there is no danger if you use properly working mobile phone and charging unit. Many people are using their mobile phone while it is still charging without incident or injury.

This is especially common these days when people are using smart phones constantly and not only for making or taking a phone calls.


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