Water Crisis, No End in Sight

Water Crisis, No End in Sight

Access to safe, potable water has lately become a luxury in the capital. It is obvious that residents would be irked when subjected to frequent and tenacious interruptions in supply only to then find dirty water flowing through their taps. The chronic shortage has now festered and spread to businesses pushing them to the point of shutting down. The city administration, notorious for its failure to address issues like transportation and sewage, puts “rationing” as the short-term solution, reports SAMSON BERHANE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER.


For a hair salon located near Goro High School, declining service to customers, who would like to get their hair done on the weekends- when business is high- has recently become the norm.

The manager or the owner have no hidden agenda in turning down customers. Instead, the water shortage ailing the area has pushed them to take such drastic measures, sometimes forcing them to operate only half day.

“The water comes only during midnight,” said Getachew Bezah, owner of the four-year-old Salon. “Thus, our reserves usually deplete by Saturday and Sunday owing to a peak in customers on weekends.”

Water shortage and problems arising from it are not exclusive to the Salon.

Going through a week or even a month without water has become a routine that many areas are currently witnessing.

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