CES 2018: How social media has reshaped wrestlin

CES 2018: How social media has reshaped wrestling

Stephanie McMahon is a more hands-on executive than most. As well as being World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) chief brand officer, she has been a regular fixture inside the ring since her on-screen debut in 1999.

As a wrestler, she held the Women’s Championship belt and was part of some of the franchise’s most successful storylines. More recently, she has played the no-nonsense commissioner calling the shots, along with husband Triple H.

It’s not a role that requires too much acting, however. Ms McMahon did indeed marry Triple H, real name Paul Leveseque, in 2003.

And while thankfully less fearsome in real life, she has been the driving force calling the shots behind a push for fairer treatment for women in the ring.

Her appointment as chief brand officer came with a brief to help shape the WWE so that it attracts more female viewers.

I met Ms McMahon at CES, where she was busy promoting the WWE’s move into virtual reality and a tie-up with Facebook Watch, the social network’s on-demand video service.

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