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Shimeles Bekele was born in southern parts of Ethiopia. After he come to Addis Ababa he was played different team in Ethiopian premier League like Muger FC and St.George FC.

He was called for Ethiopian National team several times, but 2013 the wallias anthelops go to Republic of South Africa (AFCON) represent the national team of Ethiopia and show his talent, but the team was not lucky to qualify the next step.

Generally, current time Shimels Bekele playing in Egypt league Al-hillal FC.

Watch the talents of Shimels Bekele within two years of his carer.

Argentinean player KNOCKS OUT referee – simply for getting a yellow card

There are stupid reactions and then there are downright idiotic ones.

This might well be in the latter camp after an Argentinean player polaxed the referee simply for daring to give him a yellow card.

Alejandro Roncaglia – brother of Fiorentina and Argentina national team star Facundo – faces a lengthy ban and possible criminal action for this horrendous punch.

It’s a proper left-hook that takes referee Arnaldo Beron completely by surprise. The official was knocked completely out and woke up in hospital later that day not remembering a thing.

Roncaglia, meanwhile, is probably going to regret this reaction to what was only a yellow card! Imagine what he’d have done if he’d been sent off!

source : Mirror football

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